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Giving back to our community

The Bird House - Hospice Home of Johnson Co. is just one of many non-profit organizations Skin Deep Salon & Spa helps support. We are proud to support the following non-profits over the past 12 yrs such as Habitat for Humanity, Team Breast Friends, Surviving in Style, Especially for you, Walk for Alzheimer's, Snippets of Hope, Strand of Strength and many  more.

Rashes and Neogeness

Wound Healing with Neogenesis

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I learned about Tracy Lacina and her business, Skin Deep, after I was
diagnosed with cancer in 2011. The chemotherapy drugs I received was terrible on my skin. Tracy has provided various services for me to help manage my skin and overall well-being. Tracy was trained so that she knew what was acceptable to help calm my very dry skin, including when and how to massage her clients.

I have been seeing her on and off since 2011 and I'm currently visiting her regularly as I'm back in treatment again. Having access to someone who understands the reactions to the skin during chemotherapy treatments and after has been both good for my skin and my mental well-being. It was so important to me and my oncologist that I went to someone like Tracy who was trained.

​​​​​​​Nicki Raitt

I had a sever skin reaction from 2 powerful chemotherapy drugs that were administered every other week for 4 weeks. The worst reaction was on my legs which had raised red areas and many of those were blisters. Tracy introduced my to the NeoGenesis Recovery Serum. I applied it twice a day to the affected areas and in 1 week, I had a huge improvement. The redness faded, the raised areas diminished and the itching stopped. The Recovery Serum is a miraculous product and I would highly recommend it to anyone with skin issues.


Exactly one year ago I was going through the stages of learning about my breast cancer diagnosis. I discovered a lump mid-March and by June 15 I had a mastectomy and was starting my first of eight chemotherapy treatments.

I am a planner and did a lot of research on chemotherapy and what to expect. The main things that I was made aware that, thankfully, I did not experience were:

*Nausea       *Fatigue       *Diarrhea/constipation         *Stomach irritation      *Chemo brain

Other things that made the list, that I did experience, were:

*Hair loss    *Mouth sores          *Weight loss

I was very thankful that many of the dreaded side effects I didn’t experience! However, the one big problem I was having, that I was not expecting, was dry skin. I previously had normal to oily skin so this was a new experience. Since high school I had been using Clinique products and my all-time favorite moisturizer wasn’t helping at all.


My daughter-in-law, who lives in the St. Louis area, has a friend from Iowa City who had gone through breast cancer and went to Deep Skin Salon & Spa for facials and massages with Tracy Lacina. She highly recommended I go too. I’m so glad I did! Tracy gives wonderful massages, was encouraging and full of information helping me deal with chemo and my skin issues. I always feel so much better after seeing her.


I learned a lot from Tracy about the importance of using clean products. Although she didn’t try to sell me anything, she was more than happy to help me choose products to help with the issues I was having when I asked for suggestions. I can’t believe the difference they make!


Currently I am using body lotion, facial cleanser, moisturizer and sun screen that Tracy recommended. I have also given these products to my sisters and sunscreen to my children as gifts and they are hooked too.


Tracy would talk about the importance of taking care of our largest organ, our skin, and I couldn’t agree more. I wasn’t expecting skin issues to be a concern during and following chemo, but it was and still is for me. Fortunately, there are some very good products to help. I have Tracy to thank for helping me learn about them. It has made a huge difference.


Chari Purchatzke

I am searching for th words to express my gratitude for the wonderful care and experience you provided for my mom. We knew when mom started chemo that hair loss was coming, but nothing prepares you for those moments. We were all nervous, scared and totally uncertain when we walked through your doors, but you provided us with great knowledge, resources and products that made my mom feel confident. Whem we came to see you to shave my mom's head, I was afraid it was going to be sad and difficult, but the only word I can use to describe the experience is "beauty" Thank you for providing these incredible memories for us even though they are not in the best circumstances. Thank you for the work you do? You gave us, like so many beautiful memories, excellent care, and above most, HOPE! God Bless! Love Amanda

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