Hair where? 


Want soft, silky, hairless skin? Enjoy a service from one of our "waxperts." All of our wax services are offered to men and women. Using only top-quality hard and soft wax for our service allows you the most comfortable and thorough wax experience.


Our waxing services include:






3+ facial areas








Whole Leg

Upper Thigh Only   (does not include the knee)

Lower Leg Only   (includes the knee)

   *Leg waxes do not include the bikini line








What happens next?

1. Consultation

     Your provider will consult with you to determine what results you are desiring from your waxing service. Please be clear about your expectations for shape, thickness, or amount of hair you want to stay or be removed.


2. Cleansing

     Your skin will be cleansed to remove makeup or natural oils and germs from your skin that may hinder the waxing service.

    *If you are receiving a Brazilian wax, you will be draped to your comfort level throughout the rest of the service.


3. Protect

     Next, a protective oil or talcum powder (depending on the area to be waxed) will be applied to the treatment area so   the wax adheres only to your hair and not your skin.


4. Wax

     Now warm wax will be applied to the area, and the hair removed.


5. Nourish

      A post-epilation (wax) treatment will be applied to your skin to allow it to calm and cool following the service.

Brazilian Waxing

These services allow patrons to remove hair normally hidden by underwear.

Removing the hair is a personal choice made for any number

of reasons, from cleanliness to sexual preference.


Bikini waxing removes the hair from the inguinal line (the crease where the torso meets the thighs) to 2 inches below the line onto the thigh. If any hair is removed from within the inguinal lines, the service becomes a Brazilian, regardless of the amount of hair removed.


The Brazilian service  refers to removing any hair that lies between the inguinal lines, on the vulva, and the crease of the buttocks. This service can be customized to allow any amount of hair to remain or you may choose to remove all of the hair. Please let your wax provider know your preferences before the start of your service.


During these services, you will be modestly draped. The drape will rotate as each individual area is treated.



Please let your service provider know if you are currently

receiving treatment for rosacea or acne, or are using Accutane,

retin-A or retinol creams.

Skin Deep Salon & Spa

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