Tracy A Lacina - Owner

Licensed Esthetician since 2009

Trained in Oncology Esthetics since 2010

Oncology Esthetics Trainer for Oncology Spa Solutions

Certified Eye Lash Extensionist since 2011


People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within
.Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

  Tracy is an experience lash extensionist. She has been perfecting her skill over the past 4 years and is now an instructor for Lash Savvy.   Initial appointment includes a consultation to clarify expectations,  discussion on care and maintenance, and a full set of lashes, this appointment can take anywhere from 1 - 2hours.

  Eye lash extensions can be worn indefinitely, however a full set will generally last up to 5 weeks. Maintenance appointments are needed every 2-4weeks to keep lashes looking full. I am certified to do both upper lashes and lower lashes.


Initial Set                                   $175.00

Refills                                     $35-75.00

New full set                                $100.00


"Simplify, Rejuvenate, Deliver"



Facials:                                            $65.00

All facials are customized for your individual needs, whether it is anti-aging, acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, or sun damaged, we will tailor your service for the mose effective and benefial results.

Chemical Peels:                             

Single application                            $80.00

Package 3 together for                    $228.00

Package 6 together for                    $432.00

Chemical peels are geared towards correcting sun damage, acne and anti-aging.

Body Exfoliation:  

Exfoliation is just as important for the full body as it is our face.                          

Sugar Scrubs                                    $65.00

Salt Glow                                         $65.00

Body Wraps:

Emerse yourself in the essense of essential oils as you recieve a light full body massage. Wrapping is optional.                       $65.00







Tracy completed her oncology esthetics training in 2010. Tracy understands how cancer treatments effect the clients skin, hair and nails. She understands and know how to compassionately and confidently care for clients dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Services for health challenged clients include:

Full body skin treatments, which usually takes an hour and our extremely beneficial and relaxing. Many of her clients schedule the night prior to recieving treatment as it often helps them sleep better, reduces anxiety and promotes an overall well-being.               $55.00


Wig Consultations and custom wig fittings are all free of charge with the purchase of a wig. "Estimates are available for wig maintenance"


Hands that touch 

are hands that feel

Hands for feel

are hands that heal...


Brow                 $15.00

Lip                    $12.00

Chin                  $12.00

any 3 (Face)      $25.00

Back                  $35.00

Chest                 $35.00

Half Leg            $35.00

Bikini                 $35.00

Full Leg            $55.00

Brazilian           $65.00 and up

Airbrush Makeup

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