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Meet our Providers


    Each member of our team is an independant business owner. Each provider sets up and runs their business as they deem appropriate. Most providers work by appointment, but walk-ins are always welcome. We also combine our talents to offer services to larger parties as well.

    While we are all talented, compassionate professionals, the salon and/or spa service options may vary slightly from provider to provider. You may click on each provider's image to see a full listing of their services, or if you have a question about a particular service, please contact the provider (direct phone numbers are provided), and they will happily answer your questions.

Tracy A. Lacina-Owner
Licensed Esthetician -2009
Oncology Trained 2010
Certified Eye Lash Extensionist -2011
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Trained - 2018


Stephanie Seckel-Manager
Licensed Cosmetologist since 2005
Onocology Trained since 2016



Vanessa Patterson
Licensed Cosmetologist since 1990




Anna Vetter
Licensed Cosmetologist since 2008

Heading 4

Bill McArtor
Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013
Tara Gavin-Hiatt
Licensed Cosmetologist since 1999


Kelsey Evarts
Licensed Cosmetologist since 2009
Cassandra Meade
Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008

Elizabeth Esquivel
Licensed cosmetologist since 2014
Sharee Hansen
Licensed Cosmetologist 
Cheryl Schlote
Certified Mastectomy Fitter since 1994
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